Holly in Critical Condition

After my friend’s 13 yr. old, 9 lb. dog (Holly) was savagely attacked by a Pitt Bull, it left Holly dying in Michelle’s arms as she rushed to the vet. After X-rays proved 3 breaks in her pelvis and a broken rib she was sent home only to return 2 days later. Holly was fading and was unable to eat, drink, urinate or have a bowel movement.

I called Kveta for help that day. The very next day Holly was out of the oxygen tent. The following day Kveta worked on Holly again as Holly had shown anxiety at all the noise in the clinic. She ate and was calmer. Then she was able to pee and poop. She went home 3 days later.

 Believe it or not, 9 days after that Holly was running with that little tail wagging. Michelle and I could hardly believe Holly went from almost dead to running, in just 2 weeks.

The vet was very impressed with her progress on her follow up check-up. He was amazed and so are we. Thank you, Kveta.

 ~ Lana Creston B.C.