Tension around my heart

(Video testimonial available.) Before my session with Kveta, I felt like tremendous tension throughout my muscles, in my heart for over a year. Throughout the session, I was already noticing tension in my body releasing and even my third eye was opening again. I’m just Thankful I can start over again with my life. Thank

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Smoking Addiction

Kveta is a wonderful and natural healer!  When I finally decided to stop being a part-time smoker, I hoped that Kveta would do hypnosis on me. Instead, she recommended doing Emotion Code work. Not only did I never even crave a cigarette again, it went amazingly beyond the smoking to other addictive behaviors. A great emotional boost and

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I had three sessions with Kveta from the Natural Healing Centre about a week apart. Those three sessions have completed changed my emotional responses to situations that used to haunt me. I no longer find myself crying from songs on the radio, I am not angered by the thought of past situations, and people. I

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Hello Kveta I would like to express my gratitude for the help received from you for my health and well-being. When I first connected to you I was in a very  bad place on all levels, I felt alone, feel as if life was not worth living, my physical body was in constant pain, I

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