What an amazing woman healer she is! I am so thankful to have experienced a session with her, I was very shy, unsure of myself and work abilities, feeling unworthy, and full of fear. I had a dream of what I want to do for work but no confidence that I could achieve it and afraid of being seen. By the 2nd session, I could feel shifts in my body and a change in the way I was thinking. By the 3rd session, I had my fear slowly go away to the point I signed myself up to be working in a great festival of dreams a large expo full of thousands of people and an opportunity of a life time. Then I signed up for another one, and then I put my business cards up at a coffee place. By the 4th time I had a Metaron healing with her,  I have no fear, am full of confidence and am full of energy. I feel like I am a new woman on a mission. We will be working on my weight problem soon! I can’t wait! You are amazing! You come highly recommended many blessings thank you!

~ Angelina, Sydney, Australia