I went to the Kveta – Natural Healing Center 4 months ago, hoping to find relief from asthma and breathing difficulties I had been experiencing.  At the time I was using the maximum daily dose of Symbicort, a steroid inhaler, and although it was helping me breathe I wasn’t comfortable being so dependent on it, and was concerned about potential long term side effects on my health. Since my sessions with Kveta, my asthma symptoms have reduced considerably and I’m down to using an inhaler only 2-3 times a week. At the sessions Kveta used emotion code and body code, cranial sacral therapy, and reflexology. Additionally, during the first emotion code session I noticed that the pain I had been experiencing in my jaw for months from TMJ disappeared. What’s interesting to note is that I had come to Kveta for help with asthma and I hadn’t even mentioned to her that I had pain from TMJ.  It’s really amazing! Thank you and Best Regards, Marcie P

~ Marcie P. Creston B.C. Canada