Emotion Code lead me to open my own healing practice.

Kveta is an incredibly powerful healer and medicine woman.  Kveta has supported my growth, personal healing, and road into the holistic world for over 15 yrs.  Her beautiful, gentle nature, kindness and fountain of wisdom allowed me to fully let go, trust, release trauma, emotions, ailments and disconnections in a soft, gentle and painless way. The depth of the results astonished me, along with how quickly changes started to occur in my life.

Kveta is a true healer, by this I mean, I healer that was born to heal and has walked the healing path with love, acceptance and integrity while always expending herself to further grow her healing abilities. She has introduced me to many healing modalities and served as a wise and loving healer who taught me, shared with me and opened up a different way for me to perceive my own life experience.  This lead for me to study, reach, search and continue working on myself so I may live a happy and balanced life.  The healings I received form Kveta this summer, have assisted me in removing the final blocks, which lead me to open up my own healing practice.  I found the Emotion Code so powerful as a healing tool, that I also became certified in this healing modality.

Kveta will remain my healer in my life journey.  I completely trust her and know I’m in incredibly powerful, wise and loving hands.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support.

~ Kasia J.  Calgary,  AB, Canada