Out of curiosity my wife booked an Emotion Code appointment with Kveta this spring (2016).  After completing the session she was very doubtful that something so simple could make any difference to her life.  She did not book a repeat session as she had no intention of ever returning.  But on the drive home she started crying for no reason whatsoever and did so periodically over the next few days.  A lot of past memories and blocked emotions from this lifetime and past lifetimes seemed to be surfacing.  There was no other trigger for this other than what Kveta had released during the session.  These emotions were obviously a result of some type of healing so a few more sessions were booked over the next couple of weeks.  After a short while my children and I began to notice a drastic difference in my wife.  It is hard to describe and let alone comprehend, but the majority of her anger, depression and idiosyncrasies seemed to vanish.  She became pleasant to be around, more loving, more understanding, and extremely productive; almost too productive in that she was starting to question my productivity.  She was also able to easily pick up and understand topics that she could previously not, or had just not desired to. The strangest part of all of this is that even though my children and I noticed a miraculous change in her, she denied (and still does) that she is any different or acts any different than she always has.

Don’t get me wrong, my wife has always been a wonderful person, it’s just that now she is a SPECTACULAR person. Of course I also did emotion code sessions with Kveta, which probably helped our situation, but I also don’t feel any different even though my wife claims I am. We now work together as one, instead of being in competition with each other all the time. If more married couples were aware that the Emotion Code can dissolve twenty years of petty squabbling and arguing in a very short amount of time then this modern day divorce epidemic would end (and Kveta would become a very busy person). I’m not guaranteeing that this will work for every couple. I believe you have to really want change and be open to it, but it worked for us and it was absolutely miraculous.

Realize that the Emotion Code is not some form of marriage counseling and giving private details is not at all necessary. Each person has there own session and then both individuals just seem to come together one day without even realizing it. Give it a try, it is much cheaper and faster than counseling or divorce!!

Thank you Kveta.

~ Mark, Creston, BC
P.S.  Kveta is also a very kind and thoughtful person